Tour Operator Programme

Capital Travel is one of the very few travel Agencies in the Maldives that works with Tour Operators worldwide. Our skillful and talented team members, with vast knowledge of the travel industry, provide services to Tour Operators and FIT’s all over the world; tour operators who work with Capital Travels know that they will get prompt services with enthusiasm and complete dedication to the satisfaction of their customers.

Do Tour Operators have a role in today’s world of online travel booking?

Today, individual clients and even those travelling as a group increasingly prefer to book hotels, resorts and other destinations directly using online travel web sites. However, when they do land up in the new country, very often they do not know the local language or how to go from one place to another. Travellers can often feel totally lost, in such situations.

By partnering with a renowned travel agency like Capital Travels, Tour Operators worldwide can stay relevant in today’s highly competitive travel industry in the following manner:

  • Gain access to the Capital Travel web site to book hotels, resorts and other destinations on behalf of their customers
  • Provide their clients (individual and group travellers) cost savings similar to what they would get by booking directly through Internet travel web sites
  • Go a step beyond travel web sites and provide, through Capital Travel, a guaranteed and warm welcome to the clients when they arrive at their destination, right from greeting them at the airport and arranging for transit to the destination.

Learn more about the benefits  of Capital Travel’s Tour Operator programme and sign up  as a Tour Operator partner today.