Maintenance work in Lux Maldives.

Posted Date  Mar 24,2015


"Ongoing work is required to maintain the property in great condition and we have planned work to be completed with minimal impact on the guest experience from the 01st May to the 30th September 2015. In order to ensure that all our guests have a flawless holiday experience we have decided not to sell our Water Villas and Family Water villas during this period and will also close East Restaurant and Umami Restaurant.    The location of these areas is very well separated from the rest of the facilities, the closest other guest room being  some  200  meters  away  from  the  work.  In  order  to  provide  the  varied  restaurant  experience  that  LUX* Maldives  is  known  for  we  will  offer  a  wide  range  of  dining  facilities  at  all  times.  This  includes  the  following restaurants: 

 Island Kitchen

Allegria Restaurant & Bar

Senses Restaurant & Lounge

Lagoon Bar

Veli Pool Bar

Island Bar

Pizzeria ‘The Beach’

Frequent destination dining at the extensive resort beaches " Said the LUX team in their notice to capital travel.